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What is NAD+?

It could be the fountain of youth…

NAD+ is a naturally occurring co-enzyme in our body that aids in cellular energy. It plays an important role in DNA repair and has become increasingly relevant in recent years due to its anti-aging properties. It nourishes every cell in our body to help them perform their function and releases toxins to help reduce cellular inflammation, allowing each cell to reach peak performance. As we age, or with illness, NAD levels decline. Low levels of NAD have been associated with:


Parkinson's Disease

Heart Disease

Diabetes and Obesity



Sleep disorders

Withdrawal symptoms


Studies have shown NAD therapy can repair DNA resulting in an anti-aging effect by reversing the signs of aging and slowing the aging process.

NAD therapy has a rejuvenating effect on our brain and body’s cells resulting in 

Better sleep

Improved productivity and mental clarity

Less pain and fatigue

Better cardiovascular conditioning

Increase lean muscle mass

Decrease in percentage of body fat

Muscle repair and recovery, leading to better endurance, strength, stamina and recovery.

Fountain of Youth.jpg

Route of administration (injection, patch, or IV) is dependent on dosage. 

We offer NAD+ therapy in dosages from 20mg up to 1,000mg. 

Blood pressure/Cholesterol
Energy Boost
Improves Sleep
Immune Boost
Mental Clarity/Concentration Mood Boost
Weight Loss
Brain Fog

Refining fine lines & wrinkles
Chronic Pain
Lyme Disease
Neurodegenerative Disorders
Stamina/Physical Performance

Pairs well with the Myers Cocktail & Glutathione

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