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What is IV hydration therapy?

IV hydration therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that administers electrolyte packed IV fluids directly into your bloodstream, a more efficient method of absorption compared to oral hydration.

When you push your body to the limit, you lose more than just fluids.  Therefore, drinking water is not always enough.  IV hydration therapy aids in replenishing lost nutrients and electrolytes replenishing your body instantly, leaving you hydrated and revitalized. 

IV hydration allows for 100% absorption compared to only 50-60% absorption through oral hydration.

A typical IV hydration treatment takes 30-60 minutes.

Who are we?

At drip okoboji we employ a staff of board certified medical professionals, so you can rest assured that someone you can trust will administer your hydration therapy treatment and it will be safe and effective. 

Misty Dulin and Brenda Hassel are Registered Nurses with Bachelors in the Science of Nursing and a combined 45 years of patient care, skilled in IV starts. 

Brenda Hassel has been a full time resident of the Iowa Great Lakes Area for over 26 years.  She and her husband, also a local business owner, have raised three kids here and are very involved in the school and community.  Brenda's expertise and passion for labor and delivery has taken her career to Minneapolis weekly for over 20 years, but she is always happy to be home for long stays in between her shifts.  

Misty Dulin has been a health care provider for 24 years. Have worked in a variety of units from medical surgical, same day surgery, Obstetrics, ER, critical care, including Trauma Care. She maintains BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC.

Misty has lived in the Iowa Great Lakes for 24 years. She and her husband, also a local business owner.

We support our local area!

Julie Beehler, ARNP MS FNP-BC

Julie has been a health care provider for over 25 years. She brings vast knowledge with her experience in emergency care and primary care.  She maintains NRP, PALS, ACLS,and ATLS. She is currently in the process of obtaining her certification in functional medicine.

We believe in combining allopathic (traditional medicine) with naturopathic medicine.  

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